Creating a brighter future for families,
children and young people

I believe that a family in harmony will truly prosper in everything. But family life isn’t easy these days as we navigate through an increasingly chaotic world. Family dynamics are complex, emotional and in need of constant refuelling and energy.

The core of a strong family is vital, especially for children and young people. But not always so easy...

For many of us the frustrations and routine of daily life can overwhelm to the tipping point. Yet I understand how big and emotional a decision it is for anyone to ask for help.

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My Approach to Training

I provide specialist bespoke training sessions in child and adolescent mental health, focusing on enhancing emotional well-being and developing emotional resilience. My training addresses the full spectrum of child mental health needs and disorders, alongside the needs of professionals and services.

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Organisational Consultancy

Working life these days also presents many challenges. My own particular interest is in supporting organisations that work with risk to support vulnerable people, with complex health and social needs.

It is vital to be able to stop and think. The room and support to do so, can be transformative for teams and organisations. By allowing ourselves to explore alternative approaches to difficulties, effective solutions to problems can often emerge. In my experience simple and creative approaches to difficulties can enable the best outcomes. More here


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